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Buying Your First Condo

So, you’re considering making your first home a condo! You’re likely considering it because the price was right, less than a detached home, not a lot to look after, and you were attracted to the various amenities: the swimming pool, party room, even the exercise room. And the maintenance fee — the condo fee —… Read More »

When Lenders Make Bad Choices You Pay

Shake-ups in the sub-prime lending market in the US and soon the UK bring to light the problems of consumers having faith in lenders. Many assume that if they are approved for a loan or mortgage that it means that someone responsible felt they could afford it. Nothing could be further from the truth. Consumers… Read More »

Mortgages – Some Important Points You Need To Consider

There are many potential perils and pitfalls that a borrower can face when buying a home and taking out a mortgage. Many borrowers can fall foul of these perils due to misinformation or a misunderstanding. Read on as we try to discover some common pitfalls facing the potential mortgage borrower. Interest Only Mortgages Interest-only mortgages… Read More »